Wednesday, August 26, 2009

school's cool.

Alas, the first day of school is upon us again.
An apple for the teacher, our school time tradition.

My youngest was nervous... anticipation of the day!
My oldest was excited, ready to start a new year!
We love FALL!


imjacobsmom said...

Ah, the first day of school...bittersweet. You are anxious for them to branch out and meet others and expand their horizons, but you want them to stay close to home where they will be safely loved. I'm one of THOSE mothers, that dreads the start of the school year. I miss the lazy days of summer with just our little family and friends hanging out. I dread the routine of mornings and the never-ending rants to finish his homework. But I so love to buy school supplies. My hall closet is full of school supplies. I can't help myself. ~ Robyn

Tamie said...

i love how your boys are wearing matching clothes......too cute! glad you all started off with a bang!

Simply Me... said...

Hi Miss Em... could you e-mail me at please I have a Q? for ya! hope your boys had a good first day :D


Amber said...

Such handsome boys! I'm still not quite ready for fall though :)

Dawn said...

YAY for school!