Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a little electricity.

I love a good parade, but the electric ones that glow in the dark are extra special.
This weekend we celebrated summer at Six Flags and (after almost getting rained out twice!) closed down the park-- our last stop was the glow in the dark parade.


Astrid said...

Awesome photos!

Please do share how you managed to get such great photos!!! Did you use a tripod? What kind of lenses are you using?

Emily said...

Hi Astrid!
I just used my point and shoot on the "fireworks" setting... it was easy as... and no tripod needed!!

Adrienne said...

OH HOW FUN to see a glow in the dark parade!!

JENNY said...

You are an amazing photographer. I love those electric pics. You totally inspire me in more ways than one. I wish I lived in TX with all you extrodinary women.

Dawn said...

when we were traveling through Texas when I was a kid, we stopped by 6 flags and it poured rain too! It must just be a summer thing. It almost made being there more fun, until we started to dry out and chafe...

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos!
Amazing...thanks for sharing such good photos..
Awesome photos!
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