Tuesday, September 1, 2009

tired eyes.

I'm tired...............................
I've been working, crafting, cooking, and my newest time user--- homework!
Yes, that's right. I'm back in school.
I've started slow, but next semester I plan to march ahead to full time.
It's weird to get use to class again. I kind of feel like an old lady.
I'm still in my 20's! ( if even for only 2 more months..)
My mantra now is a toss up between 3 different things:
"I think I can, I think I can..."
"Slow and steady wins the race..."
"I can do hard things."
Because, I know I can-- (I have done hard things!)
and I believe I can.
And, I will.


Meryl said...

Good luck on going back to school--I'm sure you'll do great!

Rebecca Frame said...

hi emily...i have just found your blog and really appreciate you sharing all of your creativity for family. i took some time and jotted down a few of your recipes and am anxious to share them with my children...especially the moustache and lollipop ones! i hope you are having a wonderul day...


ps...what are you back to school studying? :)

4handfulls said...

You can do it! My husband starts back to school tonight after being gone for 5 years. He will be 30 in November too! For some reason he is not interested in letting me take his photo by the front door with his backpack tonight lol

Michelle (Three Men and a Lady) said...

Where on earth do you find such great music? I've never heard of anything on your playlist but it is so fun!

Tamie said...

you'll do FINE!!!!! though i am pretty sure that it is a shock to the brain waves to have to go down that route again....you're a BEAST and a dang awesome one at that for tackling DH school right now.
....and revel in the back of the class (i was a back-of-the-class-sitter and loved it) do whatever it takes :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you for going back to school! What are you studying?

Nichole said...

Oh Em, believe me, I know the tired eye look! I excited that you are back in school...it can be very fun! And you can even do it at 30...I promise. ;)

Cindy said...

The whole back to school thing is daunting at first. The first two to four weeks I always have a "what the heck I am I thinking?" moments. My mom went back to school after the 5 of were in school full time and she is my inspiration. You can do this, Em!

Brian and Staci said...

HOW exciting!!!!! What are you studying???? I've been sooo bad with reading blogs...because my newest time sucker is FB :( Glad I checked in!!! Good luck with school...and you look great even if you think you look tired :)