Wednesday, June 23, 2010

deep in the bayou.

It's worth the three and a half hour drive, promise.
I love, love, love all of the

the oldest sibling finds the perfect--
It's always fun to have--

(and tour guide!) Thanks Jeff.

waiting for our ride--

Amanda and I--
Sultry, sultry, sultry.

Ahoy! Permission to come aboard, sir.

In the deep of the lake, our boat was filled with colorful dragonflies. One of them landed on my shoe!
We wound around and around through the

I am in love with the

Did I say that already??
Caddo lake is dyed by the tannins in the ancient cypress trees-- it's dark brown root beer color reminded me of

Our tour guide was brave and let my oldest
He's loving that. Look at that face!

On to the...

Are we in the jungle?

What is a hike without some very...
-- and why are we notorious for always having bad hiking footwear??
Then, we rambled down the road to...

good times!

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