Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a revolutionary discovery.

I think I missed the spring cleaning bandwagon, or at least got a late start this year. I'm having special visitors next weekend and I want everything to be spic-n-span, starting with the little pile next to my bed.

As I went through the camera lens boxes, math books, craft paper, shelving, and other assorted randomness, I came across a package that was sent to me by my mom a while ago. Inside were my prized Revolutionary War mugs that I found at the favorite thrift shop two Christmases ago, but never bought because of the logistics of getting them home to Texas from Arizona.

10 ultra fragile, kitchy, Revolutionary War mugs packed into my suitcase and toted around the airport on one of the busiest travel days of the year, with two small children in tow, husbandless. So, I left them on the shelf and opted for some large beaded necklaces instead.
I was excited almost a year later to receive a package in the mail with the funky white mugs tucked inside... I can't wait to pull them out this 4th of July!

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