Wednesday, August 3, 2011

my awakening to scarves.

Oh! Scarves!
How did I live without them for so long? It's like a long lost friend, giving me a hug as I wrap my newest scarf around my neck. I guess it took a cooler climate to bring out the scarfanista in me!
When my friend Shannon came to visit at the beginning of Summer, I was on the hunt for my first scarf. We found her! A gorgeous, rouged, cream colored with black polka dots. In fact, Shannon and I ended up buying matching scarves because we thought they were too cute to pass up. Everyone needs a scarf buddy.
Now-a-days, you will always find me perusing the scarf section, hunting for my next favorite charmer. A black pom pom wrap? Sure! A scarlet silky? YES! I have a feeling they might move from my neck up to my hair. Hey, Mary Tyler Moore got away with it, shan't I?

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Leah said...

Man, I'm envious of your July 4th scarf! I have a Halloween one I love!