Tuesday, August 2, 2011

my new obsession.

My new obsession isn't shoes... it isn't clothes, or hats, or even food.

My new obsession is taking photos of:

I'm getting quite the:

We are so lucky that Utah is full of lush:

It's driving my family crazy... every few steps, it's a "stop right there!" a few clicks and then we are on our way again. See, I'm:


Tracy P. said...

I think it's funny that you've never been obsessed with flower photos before, Emily! I thought everyone was--guess it's just me. ;-)

Lisa said...

These pictures are so beautiful! You truly are talented. I love seeing what you capture.

Tamie said...

you should be taking pictures of flowers. I love taking pictures of flowers. They are so easy to capture: not wiggly or trying to get away from camera and the colors can be so vibrant....plus, you can glue them to blank note cards and they make splendidly simple (but thoughtful) gift. :)

CK said...