Monday, January 19, 2009

how we spent our holiday.

We love the lake, even in the wintertime.
I found it as the perfect oppurtunity to use my camera and capture a few shots.
I know you might be sick of these,
but I just can't put it down!
I promise at least a recipe or craft tomorrow!
Shells and sparkles.
Turquoise rock moss.
Photobucket Sunshine through leaves.
Fuzzy woodland moss.
Rock studded sand.
On the shore.


Michelle@Everday Celebrating said...


Shalee- Be Speechless said...

What kind of camera is that?

Astrid said...

I'm also wondering what camera you have. I got a new camera and I'm now reading the manual. Love that rock covered with lichen! (i'm likin' the lichen! ha ha ha!)

Emily said...

It's a Canon EOS Rebel XSI, I love it! Thanks for your complements!

Tracy P. said...

You and that new camera make quite the team!!

Loni said...

I am loving all your awesome pictures! I have to ask, is it just the camera? A special lens? Photo program? All of the above? Teach me! :)

Emily said...

I love all our photos! You should do a turorial to tell us the ins and outs of how to take pictures like these?

mom said...

Emily...I love your photos and think I will have to copy some of them, have dad print them on paper for me and then I can try my hand at maybe doing some paintings! I've had some great stuff lately come off my paintbrushes from looking at photos.

Jennifer P. said...

you are SO showing that camera who is boss Em! Fabulous work for having it for such a short time---wowee wow wow!

Elena said...

Emily, I will NEVER tire of your photos. You keep clicking away lady.

Tamie said...

ooooohhh, that IS a fun camera. it is the one that i am currently borrowing from my friend (beleive it or not, she hardly ever uses it....huh, go figure!)
i've been having a lot of fun with it as well (not as much as you, but...)
you've got more color to work with down there than i do. me: brown and well more brown (and not counting the blue sky--)

Momma said...

Ooooo...more great pics to copy! I just got a brand new camera and figure I better put it to use considering how much it cost!

-Melissa- said...

awesome pictures! Looks like you are enjoying your camera. :)

Miki said...

Seriously, do you smell another entrepreneurial endeavor? I really think you're developing your talent, and I was THIS CLOSE to seeing how much you would charge me for a print of the green on rust picture a while back.

That's saying A LOT for someone who totally pinches their pennies. Anyway, I can't get that picture out of my head, and if I'm thinking that, just imagine who else must be thinking these things with looser change in their pockets. HmmmMMMMMM?

I LOVE your pictures, and I love watching you do your studies through photography.

I want to see you do a study of water. Water drops in a pond, waves, icesicles. Mmmmmmmm.....I seriously might have to buy some then. Water is my favorite, besides snowy landscapes (to which I will snap a few pictures of my own one day).

Tami said...

just wanted to let you know that my sister bought me one of your flower pins for Christmas. I have the red one with the white button. I've pinned it onto my coat and have been stopped several times in town by someone telling me how cute they think it is! Just thought I'd pass that along!

Jenni said...

I love the pictures. You can keep posting them. I do the same thing--I even made a blog where I could just post pictures I take that don't have my children in them, just for fun.

Jenna Lewis Cox said...

VERY good! :)

Susie said...

I never tire of these!! I love your photography!

meg duerksen said...

who would get tired of photography?
these are great emily.
it looks a little chilly though. everything here is DEAD!

Nichole said...

Some great pics Emily! I miss the crafts, I won't lie, but it is fun to see your talent develop (no pun intended, but enjoyed)right in front of us.

Ash said...

Great pics!

Kelley said...

Awesome've learned to use your new camera quickly. Where have you been, btw? We miss your posts!

Kellie H said...

like these too! Love the texture of the sand.
makes me want to go out on an adventure now =)

Simply Me... said...

Where are you Miss Emily?

Lanny :)

Astrid said...

Emily....Where did you go?????

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