Friday, January 30, 2009

trying to capture the essence.

back in the swing!

I promise to get back in to the swing of things.

I have enjoyed my break, but it's time for more crafting, pictures, and cooking.

Sorry I have been such a slack.

Emily is back.

Monday, January 19, 2009

how we spent our holiday.

We love the lake, even in the wintertime.
I found it as the perfect oppurtunity to use my camera and capture a few shots.
I know you might be sick of these,
but I just can't put it down!
I promise at least a recipe or craft tomorrow!
Shells and sparkles.
Turquoise rock moss.
Photobucket Sunshine through leaves.
Fuzzy woodland moss.
Rock studded sand.
On the shore.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

early winter through a lens.

gold-blue-and rusty red.

Those Texas blue skies get me every time.

Have you ever thought of rust as beautiful? Now I have.

Leftovers of a
Princeton, TX

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the mystery at the old cotton mill.

I've always had a facination for the old cotton mill in my town. Every time I would pass I would be intregued by it's worn red bricks, blue weather beaten windows, and sad-- empty vibe. I have a thing for old abandon houses, and this seemed right up my alley.

I scoped the area for questionable folk, and found the area to be quite peaceful. I found a whole slew of cars just around the other side of the building and a brand new sales office just to the side-- it looks as if the old cotton mill will be used once again for weddings, offices and lofts. Feeling out the place, I decide it's safe to get out of the car...


If you look from far away, the building seems so sad and loney. Abandon and used... but really, if you take a closer look-- you find signs of beauty and art.
My sidekick and I happen upon this hidden miniture door. There is light pouring through the chalky opaque green hue glass. It's quite beautiful, I wish it wasn't locked... I think I would crawl inside for a better look. (or at least poke my head inside...)


The suns rays catch and illuminate the individual square panels of green and blue glass.
The windows are so high, I had trouble seeing inside, but after a few leaping jumps-- I catch a few peeks. I see a large metal silo inside marked with the stencil {formula X}. How intruging.
But the glass, it was my favorite. My lens had a slight affair with the blue glow of the cotton mill glass.
Do you see any ghosts in there?
It was at this moment that I caught a glimpse of a "no trespassing" sign-- so I hurried around for a few more quick shots. (Both my sidekick and I swear that we heard people whispering-- but we didn't see anybody! Oooooooooooooo!)
Looking up!
We found the intricate rusty vents that we ran into on our first adventure. I love the contrast of the red and green.
And OH! I knew I brought this kid with me for something, he was the one who discovered that there were rooms inside the vents. It was too dark to take pictures, but we saw all sorts of things in there!
Goodbye old cotton mill. Your old bones aren't so spooky anymore, and I am sure I will come back to visit another day.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

making good on a promise.

I've been a lousy blogger lately.

But, in my defense-- I've suffered with a small child post-op strabismus surgery.

Who cares that I concealed my fuzzy slippers as I dropped my child off at school yesterday?
Who cares that I didn't feel a need to wear anything other than my polka dot pajamas all day, only getting dressed to pick my child up from school and run a few errands this afternoon. I think it's okay if life takes a lazy path once in a while.
But-- life starts again in the morning. I've got a full days worth of grocery shopping to do, followed by 7 loads of laundry and a mountain of dishes. I am trying to find my bliss in being domestic once again!
I did manage to slip away from the house for a few minutes on Monday-- to photograph something I have been drooling over for ages. The huge and mysterious old cotton mill in the old downtown area of my neighborhood. Sad thing was-- my battery died after photo number 4.
Much to my second borns shagrin, we will be returning tomorrow to finish the job-- I didn't even get to creep around the spooky building! I felt thoroughly disappointed. My Nancy Drew tendencies are just a buzz at the possibility. What visual treasures lay awaiting my discovery. I guess my sidekick and I will find out tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

see ya monday!

I have a child going in for eye surgery on Friday-- so you won't see me again until Monday!
Happy weekend!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

freezing rain dance.

On Monday, we got some freezing rain.
By afternoon, we had cabin fever.
We ventured into our familiar surroundings turned ice-land wonderful.

Waived to the hundred thousand numbered flock of cold winter grackle birds hunting for the evenings meal.

Slipped and slided by the patchwork of frozen yellow winter lawns.

Admired the icy ornaments hanging from our front tree.

(And even nibbled on one)

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

by a thread.

If you need a minute
of peace
{and you have a little boy} :


Let him pick
a piece of fabric
{a blue retro print will do} :
Leave him to
his own devices
{let him do what his heart desires} :


At least a guaranteed 45 minutes.

Monday, January 5, 2009

my obnoxious carry on.

Coming home from Arizona, I was graced with what seemed similar to a third child.
Dubbed "the white monster" by my Mother-- I had finally received the "pure white" king-size quilt that I had asked for over the phone.
It was lovingly spring rolled tight, and tied with leftover fabric scraps.
My sister whipped me up a make shift bag from an old pillow case with extra long straps cut from some leftover thrift store yardage.
When I say extra long, they were extra long!
So long as to be able to actually criss-cross and wear the bag like a pair of clown-like overalls and still have room for a party inside. (sadly, no picture is available!)
It was a sight.
But, I was determined to get aboard that flight with my quilt in hand, and make it home without a speck of dirt among it's bright whiteness.
My sister and her husband were miraculously departing from the same gate as I was and were able to help out a lot. It was so nice!
While waddling to and fro, we kept hearing a slight ripping noise-- and would stop, only to check everything and shrug it off as our imaginations.
Until, one whole side of the bag decided to give up the ghost and rip itself completely from it's matching counterpart. What a beast, that old white quilt. Causing a woman with small children in a busy airport such trouble!
Stuck with a big white quilt and a homemade monstrosity unable to actually function as a bag anymore, we went to a ticket agent and asked for a plastic bag.
What we got was even more obnoxious than the original-- at probably six feet in length, and wide enough for a small family of four to fit inside, I dumped my belongings in it and prayed that I would not run into anyone that I knew as I hoisted my gigantic clear, plastic Santa sack upon my back and waddled (with boys in tow) to our destination flight.
But, it made it home.
And, without a smidgen of dirt on it.


I love the pattern and the way it catches the light.
It makes my room so comfy.
It's perfection brings all of my collections together.


I was even inspired to set out some of my antique french school books.


And-- see my room all:


Thanks mom! I love it!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

eye spy.

Otherwise known as, how my camera is making me nutty.
Now that I have my new camera, I am constantly behind the lens trying to get a feel for it.
I still feel a bit uncomfortable and intimidated by
all the dials and switches.
I think I have read the instruction book about 15 times cover to cover.
But, nothing beats just
getting out and doing it.
It's funny what becomes art when you have a new camera.
Life art, I guess.
Highlights in fibers and weave is fascinating when you have a new camera. An older couple was walking by us as I was snapping shots of my pants. Did I really care-- no. But I am sure they though I was a loon.
I made sure to check for those old fogies that caught me taking photos of my pants before I tried any more funny business-- like shadow shots.
Wrinkles and ripples are fascinating when you have a new camera. This $5 bill smiles for the crazy lady with the camera.
I have about another 150 pictures just like this one. My hands are a popular subject right now, even beating out my own camera sick family who are a little regretful of this gift and the constant prodding to "smile"!
And OH! Please don't tell me I am really going to post this next one...
What was that about wrinkles and ripples? My dear little camera makes sure to pick up each one of them!
You should have seen my husbands face when he caught me all hunkered down by the dripping faucet. (Believe me, the least amount of time I can spend in the boys bathroom-- the better!) But, that sphere of water was worth all the 39 other shots that missed.
My fruitless pear tree produces these little "cherries" as the kids call them, and I was so inclined to take a picture-- I trudged through cold and damp grass to snap a few. If my grandmother were still alive, the mention of that part alone would have left her up for many sleepless nights wondering if I would survive another year without catching my death a cold.
It was worth getting the ends of my pants all soaked and dead grass clippings all over my feet though, those steely grey skies are some of my favorite.
Oh, and sometimes I really use my camera for things which it was intended, like capturing the essence of the holidays. I have always wanted to take a photo like this-- and now I can!

One of my favorite shots so far is on top of a hill in AZ (where I spent Christmas last week) of one of my favorite cities. Prescott!
It was bitter cold, and with the break in the clouds, it was the perfect opportunity to whip out my camera for a shot of my old home.