Monday, January 25, 2010

Dear Mister Wintertime,

I'm ready for you to move on now. (No offence.)

Eating picnics in the chilly wind is just not a fun task.

Please tell Ms. Spring to hurry up! We really miss her.



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

vacation rewind. Australia Day 6-- O'Reilly's

My favorite day in Australia included staying here:

But to get there, we had to drive up a winding mountain one lane path that didn't have any fences or guard rails?!

As soon as we checked in and got to our villa, we were welcomed by birds. This little fella was waiting on our porch.

The birds came in droves as soon as we walked outside!
Birds! Birds! Birds!

It was all fun and games until someone tried nipping my earrings.

Naughty birds!
That night we went on a few amazing nature walks that included nighttime wildlife and a huge glow worm grotto.

We also learned about the infamous Gympie-Gympie plant and it's poisonous (and sometimes deadly) needles, all while unaware we were standing right under a giant one!

curious? Watch this little video about Gympie Gympie.


Morning was amazing. All I could hear was the sounds of birds. It was a peaceful way to wake up.

The forest was very beautiful in the morning, and very active. I could not was to get exploring!
We even found the one public telephone.
And--Oh, those birds. We brought some trail mix, and as soon as they saw the nuts and fruits they flew out of the trees and bombarded our back patio.
Jeff was the brave one!

I can still vividly remember all the sounds of the rain forest in the morning. The Whip bird was my favorite. It made this amazing whip-crack call.

Most of the morning was spent on an early morning bird watch. Jeff even got to hand feed one of them bread crumbs. It was like the Garden of Eden.

Our first stop of the day was the tree top walk. It started off low and gradually had you climb up higher and higher. At one point there was a ladder bolted to the tree where you could climb to one of the highest points of the walk and look out. This is when my inner unknown fear of heights reared it's ugly head. I really had to talk myself into climbing up that vertical ladder!

I got up to the first tier and could not coax myself up any higher. My hands were so sweaty and slipped and slid all over the metal ladder rungs. Jeff made it to the top and called down to me that the perch they had attached to the tree on the third tier was loose and wobbly and that he was wiggling all around up there. I was SO glad I had not gone up any higher!

He did take the camera so he could get a great shot!

Heading into the thick of the rain forest was such a dreamy experience. The lush green just called me in.

All was well until we stumbled into this little clearing. We were enjoying the view from a sheer cliff side when all of a sudden we heard a rustling from the bushes. We turned and in our horror feasted our eyes upon...

I darted away, and then screamed to Jeff-- Do they have Komodo Dragons in Australia?! We were stunned for a while, just watching it and then Jeff suddenly was reminded about Goannas-- large non venomous lizards. He inched up closer and closer for a better look--- but I was not convinced and kept my distance. It had claws, and a long tongue... that was enough for me.
After that, I was spooked!
My eyes darted back and forth looking for Goannas everywhere.

Finally, after getting lost twice we made it to the falls.

Later that afternoon, we went on one of the activities we had signed up for: The Flying Fox. I don't know why, but the chicken in me just would not leave me alone. My new found fear of heights was just chewing at me.
This zip line required sexy helmets and body harnesses. We hiked up a huge mountain side in our pinchy helmets and clumsy strapping.
Don't I look awesome! A full days hike around the sultry rain forest climbing trees and being chased by giant lizards will do that for a girl. (not to mention that forever sexy helmet.)

Jeff was one of the first to go.

I was last. Believe me, I wanted it that way. The first time was scary! The second and third time, a snap.

Pretty soon the day was over, and we knew we had to head back to the car to make the dreaded drive back down the one lane road!
Goodbye O'Reilly's. We will miss you!

Monday, January 18, 2010

playing catch-up.

This Christmas was so special. We woke up to snow! Of course, we had to play in it-- just to say we did!

My oldest lasted a total of 2.5 seconds.
As soon as his little cowboy boots hit the frozen walkway, he was flat on his back and screaming "No more snow!"

But my youngest enjoyed every square inch of the powdery white goodness.
He jumped.
He rolled.
He threw.
It was heaven.

Texas snow on Christmas morning, it does not get much better than that.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

mothers of boys know it all too well...

especially if your boys are particularly chummy-- that "I'm-up-to-something-look..."

That, "I-put-a-plastic-spider-in-your-shoe-look."

That, "I-hid-the-remote-under-the-couch-cushion-look."
That, "I'm-keeping-a-pet-roly-poly-in-my-room-without-letting-you-know-about-it-look."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

emily gets her groove back.

I'm still here.
Over here!
Live has been so busy lately... I know that is always my excuse, but it has. Between that and trying to start up a new photography biz--- well, blogging was on the back burner. But, I'm back. I promise!
I hope someone is still there, don't loose hope in me!
To check out what's been keeping my hands and mind busy, check this out:
and... let me know what you think.
Sorry this is short and quick, but I'll be a better blogger soon. I'm going to get my groove back... one of these days.