Friday, November 15, 2013

It's been a while.

So, I know that it's been OVER 2 years since I've even said a word on here, and for that I am regretful!  BUT- I'm coming back!  Jan 1, 2014 starts my new adventure in blogging, so be ready!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloween and keeping up with the blog.

This year, we went a little dark with our Halloween costumes. The boys were all about spooks and being scary. We used a whole lot of eye liner, and a whole lot of spirit gum and fake hair.
After a few YouTube make up tutorials, I tackled the Vampire and the Pirate with the greatest of ease.

Yes, the Pirate moustache is a bit heavy on the left side, but Pirates don't take care of grooming their moustaches.

And, we won't go into how mad I was that I let my oldest wear his nice church pants to school for the costume parade only to have him return home with a big hole in the knee. Next time, Vampires wear jeans.

My youngest consumed half of his facial hair at lunch. He came home with his half of his fuzz missing-- but, good thing a little fake hair won't hurt your innards.

Why am I finding it so difficult to keep up with my blogging? Way back when, I never missed a day, but today I blink and a month has rolled right on by without even a mention! This fall, I have made a new goal to be better about it. Look for more recipes, activities, and jolly-making. Little Momma is geared up for refocus!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

outdoor movie party!

Last month, I helped throw a fabulous birthday party for my sassy friend, Cristina. While my friends Colleen and Cassandra mulled birthday party ideas around in our heads- we finally decided on an outdoor movie bash. Then, we went to work-- and crossed our fingers that it wouldn't rain!

I was in charge of the cake! (my favorite part of any party!)

This was no ordinary cake!

This cake was studded with Cornfetti popcorn brought lovingly home from the Mom and Popcorn Company in Texas! This cake had a suprise inside.

Colleen, Cassandra and I all pulled together to transform a backyard into a perfect movie paradise-- popcorn of all flavors, candies, and soda by the bottle.

We piled the quilts and blankets up high in the middle of the yard, and got the movie started!

It was a bit magical if I do say so myself, and the weather was perfect. Not a drop of rain that night!

Happy Birthday Cristina! (Even though you are only 28 and make me feel like an old lady!)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

it's already fall, and we've been a busy bunch...

What has happened to my blog?

I don't know, but it's been in the back burner for a few months. We've been a busy fam. In fact, I find blogging hard to work into my schedule anymore (which is so strange since the boys are in school most of the day) ... but, I'm not giving up!

It's fall already! Can you believe it? The trees here in Utah have hit their color peak and are shedding their leaves. The roads near the canyons are covered in autumnal confetti of yellows, oranges, and reds. I've pulled out my scarves, my pants, and even my coats. Hot cocoa accompany my mornings. I can see my breath outside in the evenings. We've got pumpkins on our porch. I'm getting ready to turn *gasp!* 32 next month. Yes, fall is definitely here. There is no mistaking it now. Even the persistent little spider on the back porch knows it. He faithfully spins his ever stretching web morning after morning morning, even though I beat it down daily. I wouldn't normally mind, if it weren't for the fact that he chooses the entry to the stairwell, and he's lured me in a few times on my way down to the backyard. He's our own living Halloween decorations!

Friday, August 5, 2011

hunting, for the big red barn.

Last month, I was bored.

Jeff was out of town.

It was hot, and summers vacations were too far away to look forward too.

We needed something to do.

So, we loaded up into the car-- and away we drove.

We drove, and drove, and drove...

We got lost once (okay, twice) looking for:

What is this place?

An obscure little store, waaaaaaaay on the outskirts of any substantial town...

past lots of farm fields, cows, and nothingness.

Even my GPS was confused.

"Turn right here!" The GPS lady chirped.

I turned, and the road hit a dead end.

Luckily, the Big Red Barn is out on the open land, all alone... in the middle of nowhere.

So, we found it with old navigational indian techniques and cold, hard, luck.

So, why did I drive for miles and miles to this silly red barn?

Yes, watermelon ice cream.. and black licorice too. My stomach made me do it.

So, was it:

The journey was better than the destination, so I would say that

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I never thought I would say this, but...

I miss you winter.

I'm a fickle lass... I guess.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

my awakening to scarves.

Oh! Scarves!
How did I live without them for so long? It's like a long lost friend, giving me a hug as I wrap my newest scarf around my neck. I guess it took a cooler climate to bring out the scarfanista in me!
When my friend Shannon came to visit at the beginning of Summer, I was on the hunt for my first scarf. We found her! A gorgeous, rouged, cream colored with black polka dots. In fact, Shannon and I ended up buying matching scarves because we thought they were too cute to pass up. Everyone needs a scarf buddy.
Now-a-days, you will always find me perusing the scarf section, hunting for my next favorite charmer. A black pom pom wrap? Sure! A scarlet silky? YES! I have a feeling they might move from my neck up to my hair. Hey, Mary Tyler Moore got away with it, shan't I?