Thursday, October 13, 2011

it's already fall, and we've been a busy bunch...

What has happened to my blog?

I don't know, but it's been in the back burner for a few months. We've been a busy fam. In fact, I find blogging hard to work into my schedule anymore (which is so strange since the boys are in school most of the day) ... but, I'm not giving up!

It's fall already! Can you believe it? The trees here in Utah have hit their color peak and are shedding their leaves. The roads near the canyons are covered in autumnal confetti of yellows, oranges, and reds. I've pulled out my scarves, my pants, and even my coats. Hot cocoa accompany my mornings. I can see my breath outside in the evenings. We've got pumpkins on our porch. I'm getting ready to turn *gasp!* 32 next month. Yes, fall is definitely here. There is no mistaking it now. Even the persistent little spider on the back porch knows it. He faithfully spins his ever stretching web morning after morning morning, even though I beat it down daily. I wouldn't normally mind, if it weren't for the fact that he chooses the entry to the stairwell, and he's lured me in a few times on my way down to the backyard. He's our own living Halloween decorations!


Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

Nice to read a post from you! I hear you about being busy even though kids are in school. I hardly find time to blog....but I guess I have a good excuse. We are moving to China in January (I hope that is a good excuse for not blogging! ;-)

I wish you would write some posts on fashion and style. I always love the pretty outfits you wear and I could definitely use some assistance! LOL!

hope said...

I love Autumn... but can we skip to Spring next?!

Two years ago we had a huge ORANGE spider make a huge web right between the two columns on our front porch!! No joke!! It was hilarious!! Since that wasn't bothering anyone... and some were oblivious to the fact that he was real.... we left it there. But soon after Halloween he was sadly and mysteriously evicted. ;)