Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloween and keeping up with the blog.

This year, we went a little dark with our Halloween costumes. The boys were all about spooks and being scary. We used a whole lot of eye liner, and a whole lot of spirit gum and fake hair.
After a few YouTube make up tutorials, I tackled the Vampire and the Pirate with the greatest of ease.

Yes, the Pirate moustache is a bit heavy on the left side, but Pirates don't take care of grooming their moustaches.

And, we won't go into how mad I was that I let my oldest wear his nice church pants to school for the costume parade only to have him return home with a big hole in the knee. Next time, Vampires wear jeans.

My youngest consumed half of his facial hair at lunch. He came home with his half of his fuzz missing-- but, good thing a little fake hair won't hurt your innards.

Why am I finding it so difficult to keep up with my blogging? Way back when, I never missed a day, but today I blink and a month has rolled right on by without even a mention! This fall, I have made a new goal to be better about it. Look for more recipes, activities, and jolly-making. Little Momma is geared up for refocus!