Monday, March 9, 2009

my own willy wonka.

When I discovered the little popcorn shop downtown, I knew I was in trouble. From the instant I walked inside and was hit by the buttery, sweet smell-- I was in love.
Flavors upon flavors, colors upon colors. The choices make me dizzy! Every time I venture in and press my nose up to the carnival of colorful cases, my mind has flashbacks to scenes from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The spinning colors, the tall glass jars spilling at the brim, the welcoming aroma found in every nook and cranny in that lovely little store.
Choices, choices, choices! Grape, watermelon, banana cream pie. Loaded potato, jalapeno, pizza!
I've found my favorite though. C o r n f e t t i.
This little concoction boasts all of the fruit flavors piled into one tidy spot. A little bag of happiness, all for just over $2.
I love it so much, I bought a 20 pound bag of it for my dad for Christmas and sacrificed the space in one whole suitcase on our flight out to AZ. I had to roll each and every article of clothing to make it fit just right, and even then my favorite shoes had to be left behind. Now, that's sacrifice. All in the name of cornfetti.

Now, I really know I am addicted.

I knew I still had half a bag left, but I could not find it!
I searched everywhere. High and low. Low and high!
And then I found it, in the most embarrassing of places.

Midnight snack, anyone?


Elena said...

I think the bedside table is the perfect place. :) So fun, the colors. We need a store like that here. We used to have a popcorn/snack shop in the mall and it sold cheddar popcorn that I LOVED. And while we were in Disneyland we tried the chocolate covered caramel popcorn....mmmmm...goodness.

Amber said...

What a fun little shop! With my love for sweets and popcorn I think I would like that cornfetti. Every once in awhile Costco sells this carmel popcorn that is so addicting. My favorite is the "zebra" which has white and dark chocolate drizzled over the caramel corn. The brand is Popcornopolis...a little pricey but worth it. (I wish I had some now...)

WishTrish said...

Mmmm! I can't remember who in our hometown used to bring over multiple flavors of popcorn every single Christmas. I'll have to ask my Mom. But oh, it was so good! I've been making kettle corn around here. Planning to put up a post about it in a few days. Mmmmm. So addictive!

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and mouthwatering description!

Astrid said...

WOW! Look at all those colors! Your description reminds me of those Harry Potter candies (can't remember what they're called) that come in EVERY flavor.

Alyssa said...

YUMMY!!!! & PRETTY!!!!!

btw, LOVE the Outkast song! that cheered up my morning : )

Tamie said...

harry potter AND Charlie and the Chocolate Factory all rolled in to one....those look yummy----i wonder how hard it would be re-create (if anyone can: you can, em!)

mamapickle said...

I love Mom and Popcorn too :) The best treats there!

meg duerksen said...

i would buy it just for the color! yum!

Kellie H said...

oh I would be all over that place!! I loooove kettle corn, I buy a bag and eat it in one day. During the summer/fall I get it fresh, but it is not colorful or come in as many flavors as yours.

Dad said...

It was so yummy and I'm glad you made space for it. That big space was more then filled on your return trip. Haha!

The Perfect Trio said...

aw man...that takes me back to a little shop that was down the street from my grandma's house. we would walk there everyday after kindergarten and get flavored popcorn and a sno-cone!!!

i sure wish that shop was still around!

Sweetie said...

HI! Can you please tell me the name of that shop?I have a friend that visits Dallas a lot and would love to beg him to bring me some back! Pretty Please!! :)