Tuesday, March 17, 2009

rock n' roll.

It's spring! (well, almost.)
Where will you find us?

The warm weather beckons.
Lets craft in the sunshine.
I pull the craft table outside under the pear trees and let our imaginations run free.
We paint.
Not paper, but:
What color?
All colors!

I love that boys can be comfortable with their masculinity so much that a little pink doesn't throw 'em.
Why rocks?
It's all in the name of:

I think my eldest was :

Same matching glasses, same familiar smirk....

Rocks will knock your socks off.


Elena said...

I'm so doing this when the warm air hits Idaho.

the duchess said...

I just found a rock that an old man painted for me on my mission. I'm SO going to post it tomorrow. Thanks for the idea.

Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

Great idea! I've been looking for fun projects to do. Rock Group...hee hee!

Tamie said...

clever little boys! what a fun thing to do in the sunshine!

Anonymous said...

I love the painted rocks!! Tell the boys that grandma would love one...hint hint!! Very artistic, love the face one especially!

Ashley said...

So creative!! I love that ya'll are always up to something fun!

Dawn said...

I love that, we are totally doing that in the morning. Don't you just love spring break!??

Susie said...