Tuesday, March 10, 2009

put a sock in it.

We had a friend over today.
We celebrated, and made one of those nostalgic toys of yesteryear...

Nothing like ransacking your husbands underwear drawer for a little good ol' fashioned fun and games.
Every child should make a sock puppet in their lifetime.
We've made a few, it was time to add a new friend to our collection.
Easy as pie! Who doesn't have an old sock?
Now, my youngest... I am so proud of this kid.
I love his sense of style.
Out of all the fuzzy yarn ropes, he chose the boldest and the brightest to make his puppet sport some mighty fine:

In an instant (no more than 5 minutes!) we had our friends ready for a little playtime fun.


And, quickly-- our afternoon turned into a genuine:

1 comment:

Tamie said...

so fun! what is an afternoon without a little bit of puppet creativity (and when you have your own theater it's that much more fun!