Thursday, July 28, 2011

don't rock the boat {baby}

While we were in Tahoe, we decided we couldn't leave without exploring the lake. So, after plunking down a pretty penny-- we bought 4 hours on:

One thing I found out about Jeff early on {as with any pilot} he has a need for speed! Why did I expect a leisurely tour ride while I climbed aboard the SS BREAKNECK? Who knows. But with Mario Andretti behind the wheel, I suppose I got my moneys worth.

First things first!
In the beginning, we took it slow. Lunching and lounging around Emerald Bay. The weather was supurb. The water was gorgeous! We lazily waived to the onlookers standing by on the sand. Fabulous! While bobbing around the island in the middle of the bay and looking for signs of Tahoe Tessie, we found that it was the perfect opportunity for an impromptu boating lesson. Both boys loved getting their turn behind the drivers wheel.

And then, we all hunkered down while the real ride began. We zipped and zagged from Emerald bay to Zephyr Cove to the crystal blue Sand Harbor.


Our ride out to Sand Harbor was incredible. How could you not love crystal blue swimming pool-like water, nestled between pine trees and a sandy beach.
And, I am always amazed that you can see:


Artsy Aut said...

I love boats! Looks like a blast! I especially love the wind in your hair :) But can you expect anything less from a pilot?!?

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

When I saw your feet, and the trees in the background, I thought that looked like Tahoe. Then I scrolled up and yes, it is Tahoe! I lived in Reno from 6th - 12th grade, and made many trips to that beautiful lake. Your photos are STUNNING!

Elena said...

What a beautiful place! This is somewhere we have never been. Looks like maybe we need to get our act together. (And I've never been to the salt flast either. My poor deprived children.)

Emily said...

Aut, I know! I should NOT be surprised at all!!

Jean, I love Tahoe-- the whole retro ambiance, the trees, the gorgeous Lake!! You were so lucky to live there for a while!!

Elena, you MUST, MUST, MUST visit Tahoe! It is my favorite place in the world! The lake alone is worth the visit... You must!

Lisa said...

Wow!! Absolutly beautiful!! What a fun trip!