Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a craving for summer.

I am so tired of grey, and brown, and cold. I need some color. I am craving a little summer.

I need some sun like I need some sand. I need green grass, sweet tomatoes, candy shops, and lazy days.
I need melons.
I need singing birds.
I need sunglasses, and a reason to use them.
I need fishing poles.
I need road trips.
I need flip flops, and bathing suits, and sun screen.
I need a swing set, and a rosy summer sunset.
I need picnics.
I need a reason to paint my toenails.
I need shady park benches.
I need parades.
I need gardens.
I need summer.


Brian and Staci said...

Meeeee tooooooooooo :(

the duchess said...

You've got some mad photography skills, missy. Visually thrilling.

Dawn said...

I can tell you miss Texas too. (little bit?)