Wednesday, March 2, 2011

doing boy things, and liking it.

Since I've had boys, I've really tried to embrace things that I call "Boy Stuff". You know, sports, camping, transformers, Superman, Boy Scouts... all of that stuff. Yesterday, we decided it was time to present the boys with a gift of 100% boy-ness. Something that my boys had been talking about for a while. A Red Ryder BB gun. Because, we always do fun things:
It was fun to hear stories that Jeff would tell about his first BB gun. And of course, we all took turns trying to hit the target.
My oldest:

But then, I feel a little too boy-ish and I have to come inside and do something that I LOVE to do. Like, cook.
And, I know I can always talk someone into helping me with that!


Elena said...

Emily, you are such a good momma! Shooting guns and getting your kids to eat a gourmet pizza. Can't get much better than that.

Erin said...


Eve said...

That pizza looks fantastic!
I was going to comment more on the awesomeness of the new gun, but the pizza has my stomach growling (and I hear a mental shouting to stop everything and immediately run out to the store for fresh basil)! YUM!

Artsy Aut said...

Those tomatoes made my mouth water!

the duchess said...

Parents of the year in your boys' eyes for sure. Lots of bragging going on, I'm sure.

Tracy P. said...

"When Jeff is home." My husband is also the fun machine.

You are a great mom to boys. We have seen them having every kind of fun on here, and their wives will THANK YOU that they know their way around the kitchen! And then you will have your daughters. ;0)