Monday, March 14, 2011

a ring in my ear.

This weekend, I finally found the time to make the fabric covered button earrings that I had been seeing everywhere. (EVERYWHERE!)
My philosophy in buying things for myself is always, "Could I make that for less than what they are asking?"
I usually see the earrings for about $10 to $18 a pair.
I knew I could make them for less! I KNEW I COULD!
So I tried.
First, I had to hit the craft store and:
(They were $3. I also got earring backs which were $1 on sale (50% off) and I used some leftover glue that I had from a previous project.) TOTAL SPENT: $4.
When you buy the cover button kit, make sure you get the one with the mold and pusher inside, not just the button refills.
On the back of the box there is a pattern to use for your fabric.
Then, before you do anything else, collect the button backs and:
I did this using a pair of pliers. I squeezed the loop together and it fell right out.
Next, using the button mold, you lay in your fabric (print side down), put in the botton top (raw edges up), tuck your fabric inside the mold. Lay the bottom on top, and then pop with the pusher. It seriously took three seconds.
Lastly, you can:
It was so easy, I pounded 3 pairs out in a matter of minutes.
$4 and 10 minutes later, I was the proud owner of three of the most beautiful earring sets ever! I couldn't be more proud!

Make some!


Tracy P. said...

These are adorable! And I am smiling (and chuckling) because you did not account for the time you spent photographing, photoshopping and blogging. You are a girl after my own heart.

Hanah said...

Emily those are soo cute!! I love them!! Can't wait to make my own. :D

the duchess said...

So kitsch. I am constantly amazed at how much some people will pay for inexpensive craft projects.

Jenni said...

THose are seriously cute. They make me wish I had pierced ears!

Elena said...

Cute!! I love those. You are always so creative.

Kate said...

I saw them on in person.... CUTE! :)

Dawn said...

So funny, I would pay for these, begrudgingly, because I don't have time to make them!! (I should be studying right now!!)

*katie said...

Awesome! I'll be hitting up the craft store tomorrow:) I already have the button covers, but wasn't paying attention and didn't get the mold thingy! Thanks for the tutorial:)