Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the Blue Mountains really are blue...

Day four in Australia started out with a:

We all brought our books, magazines, and newspapers. Time for a little:

After about 90 minutes, we had made it to our destination! The Blue Mountains.
First things first-- a trip on the Skyway!

I'm a little nervous, it's pretty high-- and it's got a glass bottom!

Finally, after a while:

It was worth the wait with:

Our tummys do a flip flop while we wait for the:

The worlds most vertical train. It goes 52 degrees straight down into the rainforest. YIKES!

Here we gooooooo!

We find ourselves right atop the:

So glad we survived!

We enjoy the views. The two brothers pose in front of the Three Sisters. See them in the background?

Here son, please take my camera worth hundreds of dollars and take our photo.

We follow our marked path.

The trail takes us deeper, winding us around and around.

I love all of the:

Once we hit the end, we end up on a:

Once we get back up to the top, we explore the various trails. Most of what I remember is a lot of mud--- trying to keep my Chucks dry, and keeping my boys dry was a full time job!

When we were up at the Three Sisters lookout, we notice people standing on a bridge between one of the Three Sisters. After a bit of looking around, we find the trail head-- and make our way to them.

My job was to head up the back of our hiking line-- I think that was the scariest vantage point! Those stairs, STEEP and a bit slippery! I remember constantly chanting my new mantra "Take it slow and easy, boys. Hold on tight. Take it slow and easy, boys. Hold on tight." all the way down, down, down.

"Take it slow and easy, boys. Hold on tight."

Finally, we made it!



Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

The trip of a lifetime! OMG! I think those stairs would have terrified me! Thanks for sharing the photos so that we can visit Australia vicariously through you! :-)

the duchess said...

Awesome pics! What a fab family trip.

Eve said...

What an adventure!! That train ride down looked slightly terrifying, but totally awesome! ;D