Monday, May 16, 2011

cuddling koalas (day 2 on our Australian Adventure)

This trip to Australia, we totally utilized the:

The boys loved:
It was fun most of the time. Rush hour, not so much!
On day 2, we headed to Featherdale Wildlife park. We were anxious to meet some of Australia's most popular inhabitants!
This koala was the only one in the whole park that I saw awake! ! We took the opportunity to chat with him and take his photo! Isn't he handsome?

It was an early morning at the park, the animals were just waking up and getting their breakfast!

The wallabys greeted us as we entered the park, bouncing to and fro. As we walked along the pathway, we spotted 20 or more kookaburras, just welcoming the morning sun. They were close enough to touch, but with a beak like that-- we kept our distance!

Koalas like to sleep! The worker at the park said that they sleep 20 hours a day, and when they wake up-- they just want to eat. The eucalyptus leaves have a sedative in them that makes them drowsy. I think they are so adorable! Don't you just want to hug them?

Lucky for us though:

Seriously, do you think I could hide one in my bag and bring it home?

It's amazing to get to touch something that you have forever viewed behind the zoo bars. One of my favorite Australian experiences!

Look at this precious face!

We liked the big grey ones best. They would stand up on their hind legs and beg for treats. Such personality in those big, lashy eyes.

Of course, we waived to the koalas as we left the park-- but I don't think they saw us!

Hopping back on the train, to the city we go!

The time change is hard to work through! By noon, I felt like it was time for bed! But, no rest for the weary!

The magical and mysterious Sydney Opera House! So iconic, and so fun to explore. Of course, you need a souvenir photo in front of it! Smile boys!

My favorite part of the Sydney Opera House is climbing up close and touching the smooth cream colored tiles that cover it.

It's also fun to peek in the large sail shaped windows and see all the fancy dressed people eating at the restaurant inside! Should I press my face up to the glass? Maybe next time!

Okay, it's 4 o' clock.


KiraAJ said...

LUV it! You took some gorgeous photos! Dont u just luv how koalas are just so dang sleepy :) my hubby cant believe how lazy they r lol my son cant wait to hit the reptile park and see all the wonderful reptiles :) when we got home one of the first places we hit was darling harbour and Taronga Zoo :)

Blissful Babe said...

Loving it! I want to pet koalas and kangas!

Elena said...

Oh! I LOVE that you got to pet everything. That is so fun! What a great trip and so neat that the kiddos got to go too.

Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

My goodness! What an awesome trip! Your boys will remember this trip - I think it's fantastic that they got to go with you. Gotta love those koalas!
Australia is on my list of places to go....someday!

Artsy Aut said...

What a great trip! Can't wait to see more!! Your boys are so adorable!