Wednesday, July 28, 2010

so, whaddaya do in Florida.

Florida was perfection!
The beach was empty! Everyone was afraid of the oil, I guess-- but we didn't even see a speck.
The sun was warm, and the water was cool-- we even managed to find a few small clams. We watched them scutter down into the sand after the waves would crash onto shore.
I was mesmerized by the aqua blue waves and white sand.
Rain was in the forecast, but it ended up being a:
This year, both of the boys have learned how to swim. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they both are naturals in the water.
What is a beach vacay without a little tan?
Jeff taught the boys the ins and outs of the boogie board! THEY LOVED IT! We all walked away with a little sand rash, but what's a vacay without a few battle scars.

Every summer we are amazed by:
We all gawk and stare like it's the first time we've seen his golden summer skins. Gotta love those Mediterranean genes.
And OH! The sand. I love the sand!
It's so tempting to want to lick it off of your hands, they look like they have been rolled in pure sugar!
He's got the tan for it.
Jeff spent just as much time on the boogie board as the boys did!

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