Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vacation 2010 - New Orleans

Our first stop in Louisiana:

We parked here:

Then, we hiked down to one of my favorite spots ever:

On our way to the French Quarter!
Can I just take a moment right here to say how POLITE and FRIENDLY people in Louisiana are? I have never had the door opened for me so often in my life! Smiles around every corner!
Enjoying the sultry evening--
Dinner time in the French Quarter is a treat:
Jeff tries gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice, and dirty rice.

But, you just wait!

Catch the sign behind me-- and don't forget to "Please watch your valuables!"

The street performers that hung by the sides of the cafe made my oldest so nervous. Poor kid!
Off to the hotel!

I didn't find out that our hotel was haunted until AFTER I had already booked and paid for our room! While searching for opinions and suggestions on the internet-- I find out that mysterious building #5 is the MOST haunted building at the hotel. It use to be a Civil War hospital-- and legend has it that you can see Confederate soldier ghosts hanging around.
What building were we assigned to? Building 5 of course.
I grabbed my suitcase and walked wide eyed to building 5. I didn't even mutter a peep of this information to the boys-- I didn't want crying kids all night long... but I was so scared myself!

Did the ghosts come out to play?
Did I get any sleep?
Find out tomorrow!

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