Friday, February 18, 2011

oldest boy.

Oh, my oldest boy.
There is not a day that goes by that you don't find at least a second to give me a hug.
I love that.
I think it is amazing that sometimes you put my needs above your own. Like the time we went out for cupcakes on my birthday, and my cupcake was as hard as a rock. Remember, it broke my fork?
I looked over and you got all weepy because you felt sorry for me. And then you shared your cupcake with me. Remember that? It touched my heart. Such a tender boy.
I love all of your snazzy inventions, you know... the kind you design on the chalkboard in your room. I love asking you questions about them because I love to see how excited you get when you talk about them. Your desire for learning impresses me so much!
I love that.
When I kiss your forehead now-- my mind is whisked right back into your hospital room a mere 5 weeks ago when I would also kiss your forehead and whisper things in your ear as you lay in your coma, on your hospital bed. I rubbed your legs, I wanted you to know I was there... rooting for you, praying for you. I sang your favorite song in your ear. I did it because I love you, and I am so grateful that you have been given a second chance to spend time with me. I am lucky to be your mother. What an honor. What a blessing.
I love you sweet boy.
I just love you so much.


~Jen~ said...

Oh Emily! This is so sweet, I'm all choked up. I hope you have him read it b/c he will feel so loved and so special!

Tamie said...

you made me cry a little bit. but it was a good mommy cry b/c we should all take a moment and think about the things that we love best about our children and forget about the times that they drive us crazy!
what a lucky mom you are!

Emily said...

He read it, and got a little teary. I don't think he completely realizes quite how serious the situation was, but he knows he is loved!

CK said...

Beautiful post! Beautiful boy!