Tuesday, February 22, 2011

rainy day at the Bean.

Saturday morning brought high aspirations for visiting parks, eating picnics, and exploring outdoor spaces. The last three days had been sunny, so why not?
Sadly, the sun had been replaced with dark, ominous clouds that threatened to destroy our plans. The boys and I monitored the sidewalk, our first sign of the rain by it's tell tale dark grey polka dots that would mark the earth. Today, we would have to make a compromise. Today we would not be playing outside.
And so, onto plan B-- a day at the Bean. The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum. An extravaganza of everything my boys like, rolled into one building. It wasn't a bad second choice.
We navigated our way down to Provo, through the streets and into the BYU epicenter. Soon, we found ourselves crawling out from the shelter of our warm car and dodging the rain drops as we ran:

It wasn't a bad day, we got to hold a crocodile skull and pet a snake named slither. That was enough to keep our minds off of the rain.
Not bad for a free museum!


the duchess said...

Oh, the countless hours I've spent in that building. Those doors bring back so many memories. I have a classic pic of me at your sons' ages next to a stuffed bear. I'll have to dig it out for kicks.

Emily said...

That is a photo I would love to see!!