Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the road to Chicago deep dish pizza.

I'm always up for an-

Especially when it involves a meal.
Does anyone else get a thrill out of finding a new yummy restaurant as much as I do?
I'm kind of a food nerd.

Lo and Behold... she's here.
*Que the heavenly music (and get a load of my oldest's glazed eyes!)
What a monster!
Our evening in a nutshell-
And of course, while we are out-- thanks to Utah, it starts snowing!
Geez, how much snow does one town need?
I'm an eensy weensy bit tired of all of the snow.
But, I'm full, and soooooo-
Home, just-
(and with leftovers to boot.)


Erin said...

I missed your posts!!

Nichole said...

yuumy! and sadly you will be enjoying snow until may. But when there is so much to explore, it makes it worth it. at least, to me.

Lisa said...

Cutest blog post ever!! I loved it and boy does that pizza look YUMMY!

hope said...

That pizza looks heavenly! And, believe it or not, we are tired of snow here in Bama as well.... with a Southern perspective at least.

Tamie said...

well heck! where did you go for your delicious pizza???? i've gotta know so that i can go this summer!

Tamie said...
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jOni lAnE said...

i'm so glad you are back to blogging. i have missed you! congrats on your move! what a beautiful area...and that pizza looks DIVINE.