Thursday, February 17, 2011

snow, snow, friend or foe?

I just never really get use to snow! It's been so sunny, almost warm and then BAM! Here we go again.
Cooper is wishing that he was shipped to a warmer climate.
Poor, poor Cooper.
Of course, there are things about snow that I love.
I love the way it makes the inside of the house:
I love that it makes me want to crawl back into bed and snuggle in deep.
But alas, snow becomes it's own responsibility!
Snow is like that tantrum throwing child in the busy grocery store.
Snow wants attention, and snow wants attention now!
Snow makes you do things you wouldn't normally choose to do...
like wear clothes that have feathers stuffed inside them. Or itchy socks. Or waterproof boots.
Snow likes to make you miserable, sometimes.Snow pushes you outside to shovel it.
Sometimes, I think I hear snow laughing!
"Look at what I did to your driveway!" Snow says smugly.
When Jeff is out of town, I am the shovel-master. But lucky me, today I get to be the:
But, I have to admit... I enjoy when Jeff has to wear his jazzy boots in the snow.
They are rugged, mountain-man-like, and kind of sexy.
Thanks, snow. You aren't all bad I guess.


Tamie said...

wow! you guys got MORE snow....luckily (perhaps unfortunately) the snow doesn't usually push its way past the mountains so our mountains are getting hammered, but we've got some more nice, mild weather for us. the boys are LOVING it!

Elena said...

Oh Emily....just telling you, there's more to come. Winters are LOOOONNNGG around these parts.

Lisa said...

You crack me up! Almost sounds like you moved to Siberia! Hahaha!

Carrie said...

You will have a much better relationship with snow if you get a snow blower. :)
Congrats on the move and good luck with the snow.
You are always stylish, so I am sure you will find a way to make the winter gear work for you.

the duchess said...

I didn't realize you're married to Eddie Bauer himself! ;o) Love your dark wood floors, BTW. My dream interior decor would be dark wood floors with all off white furniture.

Emily said...

I feel like we live in the arctic tundra sometimes!! I am ready for spring!! Sarah, thanks! We love the wood, it's easy to care for and helps keep the house dust free. (it's pretty too!!).