Monday, February 14, 2011

park city prelude.

Valentines day is on the most boring of days this year, MONDAY!
And, since Jeff's schedule is never a guarantee, we make the most of every day he is home with us.
So, on Saturday (even though I was as sick as a dog) we loaded up for a:

I don't know about you, but I love to move!
It mixes it up a bit. It gives you an excuse to go and explore.
Saturday, our drive headed:
Where did we end up you ask?
We've gotta start our trip out right!

I think my favorite part of the day was:
We even took a drive up to Olympic park and got to watch the ski jumps.
My oldest insisted that he wants to be a ski jumper when he grows up.

Okay, there is always that time of the afternoon when your kids start giving you:
You know the look, time for a treat. I've been a good boy! (even thought we ate a massive lunch only about 2 hours previous.)

So, along the way we find a treat shop.
We go a little nuts and let them have pick of the store. Whatever treat they want, it's theirs.
Jeff tries 2 turtle carmels.
I dive into a chocolate covered strawberry.
My oldest chooses a slightly sensible/slightly decadent carmel apple.
The youngest, went a little crazy and picked the most expensive treat in the whole store!
The M&M chocolate and carmel apple deluxe!
(But we promised, and there is no going back on promises-- especially when a little boys heart is a stake.)

It was a:

And a great Valentines celebration!


Sandy said...

So beautiful and that apple...I'm drooling!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Artsy Aut said...

That looks like such fun! Im dying to go somewhere wintery. Just for a day. Happy Valentines Day!

meg said...

I can't believe he at the WHOLE THING! lol. Park City looks beautiful. On a side note; Adam and the Ants?! Blast from the past! I went to his concert in Seattle in the 8th grade! I was soooo into him. lol.

hope said...

Having just finished a luxurious dinner of Papa Johns Valentine's Specialty heart-shaped thin crust and apple pizza with the kids, the apple doesn't look so good right now.... maybe in the morning after my workout.... but the trip looks like it was beautiful and fun! Happy V-day!

eduffles said...

S. Loria - I admire you and your family SO much. More than I could ever put into 1 comment under 1 blog post.

And this post was so obvious to me the love love you and hubby have for the kids -- why not celebrate a <3 day with the kids?! I mean, they are the result, ya??

You are great. Great Great Great.