Thursday, April 28, 2011

the dime-store cowboy dance.

Sometimes we like to hit all of those western wear shops. You know, smell the leather, look at the lassos-- try on all of the:

We always pick out our favorite pair of boots, or what we would wear if we were really cowboys. I always gravitate toward the fringe. "A cowgirl has gotta have fringe!" I say.
The workers in the store give us questionable looks as we wander around. They've seen our type before. "Those dang city slickers!" They say.
Then we talk about what we would have on our ranch. Horses and cows are a must. The boys throw in ideas like bunnies and cats. "Nobody likes herding cats!" I say.
We try out the chaps, the lassos, and the spurs. Wouldn't it be fun to ride the range?
But, I don't think we will every really be cowboys. The best we could be is a dime-store cowboy. I would never want to risk getting cow poop on my fringy pink cowgirl boots. It sure is fun to pretend though.


Brian and Staci said...

Sho is ;)

Krysta said...

Cute site. I'm visiting from SITS.