Thursday, April 7, 2011

i wish i was a cheerleader.

I vividly remember practicing cheers at the end of 8th grade with my best friend Michelle in front of the middle school parking lot-- waiting for our parents to pick us up for the day-- trying to think that I might have a chance at becoming a cheerleader once I hit high school. Ah, sweet naivety. I never did have the cajones to try out... letting all of those sweet high kicks and mock splits go to waste. I think 9th grade was the year I discovered that I was clumsy, and then my cheerleader dreams slowly faded with the onset of my new found awkwardness!


I just wanted to shake the pom poms anyway. I've always loved pom poms. So, when a fleeting daydream brought a little inspiration, and inspiration brought a little research... I figured out how to make the most amazing over sized pom poms.


Can you guess what they are made out of?

Well, my little bit of inspiration and research lead me to the thrift store... where I picked up:

And, this comes right after I got rid of all of my old clothes before our big move! Darn it! Next time, next time I have a plan for you old shirts of mine!


Are you ready?

First, you will need a piece of cardboard. HA! Lucky me, I still have a moving box or two stashed away in the garage. I used a number 10 can for the first big circle, and my camera lens cap for the middle. But, you can use ANYTHING! And then, cut. Okay, after you cut your cardboard, cut your shirt into 1/2 to 1 inch strips. Then:
Here is the fun part!
Every time you finish wrapping a strip, start the next strip at the top of the cardboard for ultimate fluffiness!
Okay, do you have dexterous fingers, because you have to wrap three times! I just put on some music and sang along!
Get your sharp scissors, and cut the edge... be careful not to let the pieces fall apart. It helps if you put your other hand on top to hold it down. I was doing this, but I had to let go to use my hand to take the photo... silly. Also, trust your Little Momma when she says to be careful with scissors! I pretty much took my pretty little thumb print completely off with the slip of the scissor blade. Yeouch!
Ohhhhh! It's looking good!
Now, remember that strip you sandwiched between the cardboard in the beginning? Tie it, really tight. You don't want those puppies slipping around. Of course you are going to do an impromptu cheer when you are done, it's a pom pom for goodness sakes!


Take those scary sharp scissors again and give your pom a nice:

Easy, right? I am in love! I feel like I am back in 8th grade!
I'm thinking about making a ton to decorate the house for Easter...
Every lamp needs a little pom pom bling, right?


hoLLy said...

ahhh, your intro described me:) i wanted to be a cheerleader so bad!! and i did have the cojenes to try out...didn't make it. if you couldn't do a back handspring, you didn't make it at our school. lame. plus, i was highly unattractive-lol

cute pompoms!

Carolynleigh said...

Love it!
I was a cheerleader, still have my uniform :)

Brigg and Dianne said...

LOVE that you're back, and blogging regularly! Love your ideas, love your recipes, love the pictures.

P.S. What kind of camera do you use? Your pics look great!

Lindsay said...

I felt like I was reading my journal at the beginning! My best friend was a cheerleader in middle school and I would practice with her in her yard all the time! I always thought I would try out too, but I didn't have the confidence to do it!

Cute pom poms.... I think there will be a few of those popping up around my over the next few days!

Heather said...

I tried out and it was very clear that while I was one of the best, they would not put me on the team because I was mormon and they didn't want to deal with my standards. It still makes me angry and I have dreams about it. Cute pom poms.

Carrie said...

How about this...I tried out EVERY year and never made it. We had 8th - 12th grade cheerleading. That means I tried out 5 times. You would have thought I would get the hint, but I didn't.
I look back and laugh now!

the duchess said...

That's the best "green" craft I've seen yet. Reminds me of a repurposing article I just read in Real Simple.

Emily said...

I love all of the cheerleader stories!

Thanks for the kudos!

Diane, I use a Canon Rebel. I LOVE IT! :) Thanks for not loosing hope in me when I took my LOOOONG blog break. Things were tough. I had to hide for a while.

Ms.Duchess... Thanks for the complement! I miss your face and our dinners at Noodle Wave.