Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tell tale signs.

Oh my goodness gracious. It's finally here. We are:

Enjoyed are the chalky fingertips used for:

Enjoyed is the basking in the warm glow of the:

Enjoyed is the running around with bare:

It's subtle, but it's here.


Thank goodness.


Brian and Staci said...

It's here in OK.....and the wind is BRUTAL this year ;( But I'll take it :) Just in need of some rain...and then Spring will be complete ;)

Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

Spring came for a brief visit about a week ago....but it decided to go straight back to Winter. LOL!

Tracy P. said...

Spring is super fickle where we live. Snow one day, barefoot the next. Literally. Good to embrace "what it is" and not miss one day outside when it's here. Yay for chalk!

Lisa said...

I'm pretty sure you just need to take a photography class...I would be your most loyal student. Beautiful, beautiful.

Emily said...

Spring is fickle here too... can't wait for warmer weather on a regular basis.. but I love the fact that our summer here in Utah is going to be a lot cooler than our summers in Dallas. NO HUMIDITY!

Lisa, you are awesome, thank you!