Monday, June 6, 2011

bedroom makeover: cowboy edition

Did you think I would never return with the next room re-do?
I had a few life priorities set me back for blogging last week.

First, my best friend from high school surprised me with a lovely visit. We shopped, baked, crafted, and chatted. It was lovely, a welcome break from the normal. More about that later...

Then, this week also brought the last day of school for the boys! Every day included a new activity, project, and experience. We had our share of busy afternoons.

But, this morning brings the first day of summer! I have the windows open, it's a bright blue sky day, and I sense an excitement in the air!


I see many projects in our future... but for now-- on with the next room makeover!

This room posed the challenge of space. It's a bit smaller than what we were use to in our other house. Furniture placement was key.

But, after our wood floors went in, I knew they would lend themselves to the "cowboy theme" well. We replaced the light fixture, added a peanut butter colored paint, and then the best part: DECORATIONS!

I made the curtains out of old denim. I added pockets to hold little treasures, notes, and trinkets. (Which boys have more then plenty of.)

I also used the shelf to display our great collection of western themed children's books that my parents had collected from thrift shops and antique stores.

The piece de resistance is the red work quilt my sister made for my oldest back when he was a wee babe. The detail is amazing! And of course, we can't have a cowboy room without a bit of Texas.


Lisa said...

Wow! I LOVE his room!! So cool. :)

Patty Ann said...

OH, that is an amazing room!!

Blissful Babe said...

My son would love this room! It's awesome!