Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the cabochon alternative.

Dear, sweet little blog.

I've missed you so very much.

I've been a busy, busy, busy girl. Visitors in town, summer is keeping me occupied.

Actually, I found an amazing bead shop this last week... and what did my little eyes spy on the back wall by the cash register? Flower Cabochons! I've been looking for these, forever! I think I squealed and scared the shop owner. I grabbed my sisters arm and dragged her over. I loaded my fists full of those lovely flower cabochons. I couldn't wait to turn them into kitchy earrings.

I bought my very first pair of cabochon earrings about 3 years ago. They set me back about $9... but, they were worth it. Large yellow roses. I wore them everywhere! (and still do!) But, I wanted other pairs. I looked around, they were a bit pricey. But, now... I can have any color I want!
Do you want to know the very best part?

So inexpensive! I bought the supplies for 7 pairs of cabochon earrings all for less than the one pair that I found over 3 years ago. Be still my beating heart!

After a quick wave of the glue gun, and about 5 minutes later, a little magic happened.

Are you in love? I am!


Blissful Babe said...

I *am* in love! So very cute! I wish I could find them here!

Hilary Horton said...

They are so cute! Where did u find the roses? I am amazed at your ideas and talent:) so fun!!!!

The Duckers said...

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock! You know that, right? Are we still getting together on Thursday?
I already forgot the name of the place you went to get these...

Mommyof4 said...

I love these earings. I have dangling ones I wear all of the time. Where did you find them here? I have been to a couple of bead shops and can't find them. So cute!

***LIZ*** said...

Oh my goodness, what's the name of the shop? Can I order them online? I want to make a ton of these as Birthday gifts for all my friends, and of course one of every color for me too.

meg duerksen said...

that is so great!
pretty pretty!