Monday, June 13, 2011

cave dwellers.

It's summer.

Dad is home.

What do we want to do today?

We have had so much fun exploring Utah this spring! We are always up for:

Don't forget to:
Hiking uphill is hard!

Finally, we made it to the caves!

Brrrrr.... It was so:

But oh! The formations were:

Do I look a little cold?

I was also not quite ready for my mega camera flash in that dark cave. Look at those startled eyes!

Jeff models the way they made us wear our backpacks.

It was so drippy, dark, and wet. I kept getting hit with drops of water (cave kisses) !

Back down the mountain... it took my toes forever to warm up!

We all came out:

but also:


Elena said...

So fun! I remember going to Timpanogas when I was about your Josh's age. I so should take my kids. But I want you to come and be my photographer. :) Caves are so cool.

Tracy P. said...

I wanna go! Great shots, Emily. Love your little ranger! Exploring is at the top of our summer list too. What could be better?

Young Yoga Masters said...

I love your use of pictures in your posts. Each one tells a story. It looks like a great place to go with the family.

Lisa said...

Ugh! I hate that hike but it's totally worth it to see inside the caves. What a fun day!