Wednesday, June 8, 2011

bring in the clowns... the circus is in town.

Summer vacation has just started.

You know what this means!

I see lots of crafts, cooking, and craziness in my future. Monday morning I started things off right with a pile of craft books and a bunch of small paper bookmarks. I let the boys go wild.


"Pick anything and everything you want to do this summer!" I said, like a good mom should. We'll see just how long the "Ant Farm" activity stays on the list-- that bookmark might accidentally get lost. oopsie!

We are well into day three today, and I can say that things are going along great! We've got a craft under our belts, summer haircuts, and a field trip planned for today. I can't wait to show you where we are going!


Gabby said...

Can I ask where you got those shelves? they look great

Emily said...

Sure Gabby! I found them at IKEA!!

Tiili said...

I would definitely lose the Ant farm, too lovely a room to have little critters running all around