Friday, April 22, 2011

crafting for therapy.

I'm kind of a clean freak at heart. So, sometimes I just have to let my hair down and make a:

Last night, one of my gal pals came over and we got to make messes, eat cookies, craft, and chat. I love it. It's so therapeutic!

I mean, seriously-- chatting it up while your hands are busy making these--

Such fun!


And, if you don't believe me, invite some of your besties over, make some snacks, and have a craft night. Your house and your sanity will thank you.

I love how my wreath turned out. It screams: Welcome Spring! Welcome to my front door.


Reef Mama said...

Oh man I Love that Emily! Love the colors! When I invite my friends over, we just eat, maybe that's the problem! :)

the duchess said...

Love the new wreath. I'm still enjoying my ol' felt blue one from last year. Do you store the others & rotate them?

Mary @ Redo 101 said...

Hi, I'm "following" you from the SITS Day - congrats on having your special day! I love your wreath, it is gorgeous, love the colors so much. My BFF and I have a craft afternoon and it is sooo much fun - the kids participate too and we make mostly cards to spread the love to others. Thanks for sharing about your craft night with your bestie - so much fun!!! (P.S. I don't know why but I couldn't find my way to your blog from the SITS blog - is it me or does something need to be added there? Love ya!)

Emily said...

@ Reef Mama- the food is the best part!

@ Duchess- I wouldn't know, I only own one wreath! Isn't that sad. I'd better get crackin on some more so I can switch them out over time.

@ Mary, I am the newest SITS contributing editor! Thanks for stopping by! It is so nice to get a new reader!