Wednesday, June 17, 2009

becoming a basketball star.

I knew getting the boys into their first sport would be a big deal. I knew that as soon as we harnessed some of that energy into a team effort we could never look back!
In only a week, both boys have grown by leaps and bounds. Their skills are honed, they are ready to play 24/7.

The first game was last Saturday.
I am so grateful for air conditioned indoor sports during hot Texas summers. (partly my own selfish choice for Basketball in the first place.)

My youngest was bursting with confidence. Where has this kid been hiding for the past 5 years?!
He was one of the only kids to keep the ball bouncing while he ran.
Who knew p-nut basketball could be so entertaining?! Jeff and I were rolling the whole time!

My oldest ended up being the star of his team, making all the points for his team that day!

Even though we lost, we still had so much fun!

I have a feeling we've opened a new chapter of a very exciting part of our lives!



Jennifer P. said...

I have not yet embraced my kids and sports yet---but you have really captured the excitement of it all! So glad to see you back :)

hope said...

Our long chapter of kids sports included primarily Soccer. We loved every second of it!! Especially when Shawn coached. But, here in AL those sports become highly competetive!!! (To say the least.) So, we are now doing Taekwondo (he LOVES it), piano in the fall for Ranoah and Skylah... still don't know! Have a great season!!!!

Cindy said...

When I played little league ball, I absolutely LOVED watching the 4-5 year old group. It is pure entertainment!

Heather said...

Oh just your wait. I have spent the last 8 weeks totally lost in the world of two Soccer teams and one basketball team. Once you start you can never look back. They are so fun to watch. Anthony and I are always rolling from it.

the duchess said...

Smart Mom. Stick with the indoor sports--basketball, fencing, wrestling.

Dawn said...

So much better than roasting in t-ball, or in our case, being blown away! Good job boys!