Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the adventures of red velvet. {and a frying pan}

An interesting conversation with a lady at church gave me the idea for cooking cake batter into pancake form. Over the next few days my mind churned the idea around a bit, and I came up with something I would like to call--
Dessert Flapjacks with Chocolate Syrup.

With my new found Southern roots (transplanted of course) I decided to stick with a trusty favorite, red velvet.
For some reason when ever I eat red velvet cake it makes me want to put on my petticoat and quote Scarlett O' Hara... but maybe that's a whole other story.
So, on this sultry, summer day-- we jazzed up the after lunch doldrums with our creation:

I thought that this cake batter would behave itself just like it's long lost cousin, regular pancake batter--(it's just plain old cake batter!) but I was wrong. It threw a fit in the pan and I had to show her who was boss. Just a quick spread with the back of a spoon (to thin it out a little) made for a more cooperative flapcake.
So, what to do with a finished 4 tier tower of hot dessert flapcakes?
Toppings, toppings!
None of that stale maple syrup and boring butter for these hot fancies!
Bring out the chocolate syrup and whipped cream, and don't forget the sprinkles. (red of course, to match her layers!)

She was missing something too, so I made a festive flag, totally optional--I say! But, totally cute too, and worth a minute and a pennies worth of glue and paper.
Now, that's what I call dessert!
Now, let me just get my frying pan and wooden spoon and whoop a holler out the back door... Flapjacks are on! Cooooooome and get it!


Elena said...

Crud!! We'll be right over!!!

Astrid said...

I'll be right there...Just give me 15 or so hours to drive down there! LOL!!!

(I make lots of pancakes using waffle batter- we make waffles on the weekend and always have leftover batter. My girls LOVE having "waffle pancakes" for breakfast).

Ps. My dad would take us flying too when I was growing up in his Cessna. That was too many years ago! I remember I thought I could open the door and just sit on one of those beautiful fluffy clouds. Good thing I never did!

Amy said...

Mmm....oh, boy, does that look good! You always have the best ideas, Emily!

PS- I am soooo glad you are back to blogging. I have missed your posts so much and thank you for letting me know you are back to it. I will definitely be visiting regularly again :) I have missed your sweet posts and comments ((Hugs))

Tami said...

its great to have your creative ideas back in the blogging sphere, and by extention...into my world again!

{leah} said...

Brilliant!! I now have a new idea for a treat for family night!! So yummy!

Susie said...

I missed your wonderful pictures:-)

Jessica said...

wow, that looks reallllllly good!

Sara said...

Those look so good! I can honestly say, that I have never seen pancakes like that before! Welcome back to the world of blogging. Actually, it looks like you've been doing it for a while now, I just didn't know. Re-adding you to my list, I love your photos and ideas!

Maritez said...

I love this idea! I have never thought of using cake batter to make pancakes or cake-cakes (?)...either way, it looks yummy! Can't wait to try them at home!

Tranquility said...

What a fantastic idea! Those look like so much fun to serve too!

Fresh Mommy said...

Ok, this is awesome.... I'm coming next time!! Or maybe I should just try this one at home... I think it's something I can handle. :)


Dawn said...

I think we will have this for breakfast on Saturday, our traditional pancake day. Thanks!

the duchess said...

I do declare those are mighty fine flapjacks, Miss Em!

WishTrish said...

Such fun! We do this with my brownie pancakes and serve them with a scoop of ice cream, sprinkles, cherries, syrup, the works. We call them pancake sundaes. We have them on the first day of school every year, and occasionally they are requested for birthday breakfasts.