Wednesday, June 10, 2009

water babies.

Trying to stay cool in Texas can be a tricky thing, but if you just add a little water-- it usually does the trick.


Tamie said... you *are* back! :) good thing---perhaps with not as much frequency as before, eh?
looks like you've actually got hot weather already. we're still a little in the monsoon season here with rain every evening and not too hot it "might" reach 70---but forecast for a little warmer this weekend....they boys will love spending time at the pool!

Tamie said...

and o.m-goshers i got to be the first comment....never, ever on your blog :)

Brian and Staci said...

Is it true???? Are you back!!??? I'm doing backflips!!! I'm so happy!! I haven't posted anything on my own blog for about 2 months I think ;( Looks like you are up to just as much fun as always :) Happy Summering!

Tami said...

Emily!!! I can't tell you how fun it is to have you back blogging!!! You've been missed.

Astrid said...

I love look at photos of happy kids...playing in water! What fun!

Hey...we made play dough cookies the other day and I thought about you. I hope you'll post more recipes and how-tos! :) I've really missed reading your posts.